Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Really, Bureaucrats against government....

"Government will come and go, but nation should stand tall."
                                                                 -Atal Bihari Vajpayee

                  Its currently 01:06, December 19th 2018. A couple day before, Reserve Bank of India's governor URJIT PATEL resigned his duty. Let's move few days back. Eminent economist SURJIT BALA signed off his duty from Economic Advisory Council ( EAC-PM).
 Well, why I am saying all this. Or, Is there some secret plan by top bureaucrats to frame ruling government.
I believe this is not just a coincidence. It's a major concern for our  nation. Internal pressure by government might act as playing factor here. MIGHT BE... 

Meanwhile , High court judge of a state suggest - "It's the time for India to be a Hindu nation."
Well, a simple question "What is really going on".
Is this what we want. We do have other major concerns to look after. A better education , better health and a better air is what we want. But, I am sorry . Non of them listed are government's priority. What's the biggest issue then.  It's COW RAKSHA (save cow), no matter how many humans die in rumours of cow slaughtering. In fact Humanity has turned too tiny against COW RAKSHA. 
On Dec 16, NDTV interviewed former RBI governor and economist, Raghu Ram Rajan. Former RBI governor revealed that he had already handed a 'LIST OF LARGEST FRAUD' to PMO. Still no steps were taken. He said ( indirectly targeting Nirav Modi) - "A jeweller takes 4 thousands of loan from bank. He has been doing reasonable  job and repaying loans and suddenly announces that his buyer on the other side has turned down. Which turned out, all the buyer on the another side were of the same firm of the jeweller." He later says, by the right time this fraud could have been stopped from happening. 
Well what we learn from Raghuram Rajan is that somewhere government is trying to cover its mistake. possibility may arise; government might have let things happen intentionally . MIGHT.
The thing what I am looking here for is just the possibility. But one thing is sure. So many top level bureaucrat can't go against Narendra Modi's government with a plan. Many things are happening so soon. One thing is common among them. That is politics upon Hindu-Muslim community. 
And whenever I walk by some tea stalls, free markets. Every where they talk what this and that politician said but no one ever talks about bureaucrats  unless they are charged with some sort of corruption charges. Well all is upon you. Take your call and decide what you want. 
Because I think its they who are real pillar of the nation. 


  1. You picked up the point.. It could be more relevant if you highlight some of the measures which can be taken.. because everyone can know the issue but not identify the solution. Btw, Nice beginning.

    1. I appreciate your suggestions Ramsha . I will surely work on it.